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I’m diabetic.
I’m hypertensive.
I’m bipolar.

What I’m not is politically correct.

We’re trying to “normalize” mental illness, correct? Trying to make people understand that it is, in fact, an illness, not a personal shortcoming, demon possession, or a badge on someone’s forehead. Am I right? Then why are professionals and advocates so insistent upon referring to people like me as “people with mental illness”? What’s wrong with saying someone is mentally ill? It’s a legit physical illness, right? The brain is an organ, and that’s the organ affected, isn’t it?

I’m mentally ill. Just like I’m diabetic and hypertensive. How are we going to remove a stigma when we can’t even work up the nerve to call it like it is? And no one supports this ideology like NAMI.

The thing about mental illness is, it’s just another illness…but it’s not. But in order for a person to learn to cope with their illness, they have to first own it. Phrasing things in a politically correct way just separates people from what ails them, like it’s some other entity hanging on and sucking away the life of a person.

You can’t treat it until you can own it.

I’m diabetic, hypertensive, and mentally ill.

More on this later.


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