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This morning I am meeting a teenage girl at the park to interview her for the paper about a play she is in.  These are the stories I like to do – when the people you’re working with are excited to see you.  A little enthusiasm goes a long way in this line of work.

I went for an interview of my own yesterday – for a full-time job at the same paper.  I didn’t get a feeling either way about how it went.  I have though jobs interviews went amazingly well in the past,  only to be disappointed in the end.  The guy who interviewed me the editor I’ve worked with for years.  He’s a friend.  In the past, interviewing under friends has been both a blessing and a curse, so I don’t know how this went.  I do, however, know I have a lot of competition.  I am very, very, very cautiously optimistic.  I missed out on two potential “dream jobs” in the last year.  I feel like my heart can’t take anymore disappointment, but I know that God’s will and His plan for my life outweighs what I think I need.  It can be so hard standing on a promise that means you might not get what you want, you know?

I need a shower!


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