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I’m writing from my favorite recliner, watching the end of the Olympics. I’m kind of sad to see them end. I loved following Michael Phelps. Once again, the United States proved to be the best of the best. It was thrilling to watch. There is someone special at every Olympics, but there was something especially electrifying about Phelps.

Indeed, I think I have a little crush on Mr. Phelps. That, and I love a good success story.


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I was just watching a segment on Fox News about the great Olympian of all time, USA star, Michael Phelps.  Apparently, when Michael was a youngster, he struggled with ADHD in a big way, and his first swimming teacher recalls him being “benched” by lifeguards on a pretty regular basis.  🙂  He hated taking the medication for it, so he was able to channel that energy and struggle into the pool.  Having a weakness made him a tremendous athlete, and I have to say this is one of the best success stories I’ve ever heard.

Did his ADHD go away?  No, but his focus keeps it under control.  I can understand that, because as a swimmer myself, I have found that being in the pool on a regular basis really helps me defeat depression.

What helps you?

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