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Taking Leaps

My mother thinks I’m crazy, let’s see what you guys think.

I already got rid of my nice newer car, to buy a ’92 Chevy Corsica because Dave Ramsey said I should get rid of a car payment. Now, I’m leaving my 40-hour job as a data entry clerk, to take a 24-hour/week job as a proofreader for a publishing company.

My mother’s reaction: “I just hope this doesn’t backfire on you!” Well, I don’t know. I mean, I suppose it could backfire. Anything could backfire. But after two-and-a-half years of doing a job I couldn’t stand, that had nothing do with my career path, I think this is one leap I need to take in faith. It’s definitely time to move on. And I would never even consider quitting a full-time job to take a part-time one if there wasn’t plenty of room for growth and advancement.

I don’t know how the Holy Spirit works in your life, but there is one thing I’ve learned about how He moves in my own life. If I have even the slightest, gnawing feeling in my gut, that means RUN! If I don’t get that feeing, then that means I’m safe.

That’s why I married my husband, moved into this apartment, and sold my car – a lack of gut-wrenching fear, and a feeling peace over every one of them. The same goes for this job.

Pleas pray for me as I make the transition!


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