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Cavemen drove this, I'm pretty sure of it.

Cavemen drove this, I'm pretty sure of it. Note the silver Jaguar beside it!!

How old were you in 1992?  I was 13.  Middle school.  Braces.  Frizzy hair.  (NIckname: “Big Ol’ Fro”.)  It seems like ages ago, and yet I traded in my ’99 Mercury Mystique – the one with the sun roof, nice sound system, excellent A/C – for a ’92 Chevy Corsica.  It comes complete with a velvet lizard driver’s side seat cover, and what appears to be a giant, gray woven blanket thingy across the backseat.   Some missing paint on the front bumper, crumbs of unknown origin on the backseat.  Dead bees in the rear windshield.  A/C that needs to be “recharged.”

When I told my mother what we had done, she looked at me as if I were a poor fisherman announcing that I was giving up my entire life to follow a Jewish guy claiming to be God’s son.  But it’s not that drastic, really.

Maybe you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey?   He has a financial ministry teaching people how to get out of debt, and stay out.  He’s on the radio, and he has a show on Fox Business News, which is where we found him.  He has this book called Total Money Makeover.  Guess what one of the first steps is in the book?  Get out of a car payment.

So with fear and trepidation, husband and I talked and prayed and came to the conclusion that macaroni and cheese can only be prepared with so many types of processed meat/fish before it becomes unbearable.  We want this debt cleared out so we can clear the way for much better things – like a house and a family, maybe even red meat someday!

I watched my husband hand over the dough for this car today and it was a surreal feeling knowing that 1)the car was paid for, 2)I never thought it was possible to put that many miles on one car, and 3)we were going to have a significant amount of money in our possession every month now because of this.  That, and we picked the hottest week of the year to buy a car with an “uncharged” A/C.

If you’re looking to get your money life on track, I suggest Dave, but be forewarned: prepare to look a little sweaty and dorky.  For as easy as it is to get yourself into financial trouble, it’s hard as heck to get back out.

But you know the saying: No pain, no gain. Heh.  Whoever said that must have been rich.


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